Making data analytics fun again.

From our founding, we hold fast that the world doesn’t need one more report but action-items that lead directly to better customer connections.


David Gillman
Analytics Partner

Specializing in distribution and manufacturing business intelligence, and specifically in cross-selling recommendations, David has been working in data science before it was a term. David has consulted clients from Con Agra and IBM to MD Anderson Healthcare, as well as state governments. David has been helping companies understand their futures for more than 20 years.

Eric Brown
Analytics Partner

Eric got into predictive analytics for actionable results through his doctoral thesis on discovering a relation between Twitter message sentiment and stock market reactions. Eric went on to apply his findings to over seventy clients, like Motorola and Thomson Reuters, and he formed a company for retail traders that was acquired by Sundial Capital Research.

Mike Blair

Knowing the value of predictive analytics to spot opportunities and challenges that no human can, David had been drawn to work with over 400 consumables packaging and distribution companies to revaluate their enterprise systems to better reach customers. Despite his corporate experience, David particularly enjoys working with startup companies.

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